Nickname: |GHOST|???
Server: aloha.pk arena (top 10)
Reason: soft-ab/esp/shoot while running/shoot at any distance
Client: OpenSpades 0.1.3 (KFC Client)
Proof Client: OpenSpades 0.1.0 (0.1.3 KFC Client)

Context, today he was playing with that user on different teams, and since he doesn’t know how to play, he started using esp and soft aimbot. We tried to record it but the user deactivated the hacks when he realized that we were recording it.

BetterSpades Server Logs - Spanish (Original)
Vital DarkS. (Blue): aceptalo, yo se muy bien que tu utilizaste hacks
Vital DarkS. (Blue): ya no me hagas hablar con los administradores
|GHOST|??? (Blue): lose utilice hacks
|GHOST|??? (Blue): lo admito pero no los usare
Vital DarkS. (Blue): por que unos minutos me dijiste que no estabas utilizando hacks?
|GHOST|??? (Blue): ese hack 0.1.3
|GHOST|??? (Blue): pero yo lo termine demostrando
|GHOST|??? (Blue): asi que es no es notable para el server
Vital DarkS. (Blue): enviame foto para ver en Discord
|GHOST|??? (Blue): pero si para los usuarios
|GHOST|??? (Blue): mira la transmision asi veras cual es


BetterSpades Server Logs - English
Vital DarkS. (Blue): accept it, I know very well that you used hacks
Vital DarkS. (Blue): don’t make me talk to administrators anymore
| GHOST | ??? (Blue): i use it hacks
| GHOST | ??? (Blue): I admit it but I won’t use them
Vital DarkS. (Blue): Why did you tell me for a few minutes that you weren’t using hacks?
| GHOST | ??? (Blue): that hack 0.1.3
|GHOST | ??? (Blue): but I ended up showing it
| GHOST | ??? (Blue): so it is not noticeable to the server
Vital DarkS. (Blue): send me a photo to see on discord
| GHOST | ??? (Blue): but yes for users
| GHOST | ??? (Blue): watch the transmission so you will see what it is

Discord Stream Captures: