Ghost Town

There’s nobody here. Nobody cares. I understand Froe is slutting around Europe and I wouldn’t give a crap either. But somebody should. I’m about to go to Reddit and look for other MC worlds. And for me to bail - that’s saying something. Fix your shit.

Sadely I don’t have internet until Wednesday or id have been on most of the weekend working on spawn builds. It is kind of annoying that nobody wants to play any more because of the server issues after we had a regular crowd of about 5 but snowy’s done all he can for now.

I wanted to play, but it won’t let me join the server. q-q

Linux for nubs xd but srsly half of my hard drive is Ubuntu and I’m not technically minded enough to remove it. :\

you should be on the whitelist unless you changed your name. If you are getting any errors please pm a screenshot

I am working on figuring out the lag but without Froe being available I do not think I can contact the server host to figure out if the lag is caused by us or someone else using the hardware so right now I need to assume it is us and figure out what is causing it.

I am also trying to recruit more players.

Additionally many of aloha players either have work, school, or crappy internet atm so the lag would hurt them.

rm -rf

You can't send attachments in PMs. :frowning:

sorry guys. i have been experimenting with a new game. project reality. a battlefield type game. it has taken up what game time i have recently. i will balance out more soon as i get acclimated.

What you can do if you don’t need anything on it is boot into windows and reformat the linux partition (just look up how to reformat a partition) to ntfs and you get the space back available as a ““2nd harddrive””

This is the way to go if there’s nothing on Ubuntu you need to keep. And if you don’t want a second partition this free tool will merge them into one, including the system partition.

I’m mostly just afraid of turning my computer in to a expensive paper weight.

Just put Ubuntu on a spare flashdrive/thumbdrive/jumpdrive so even if you ruin your harddrive you can still boot and do whatever you need to do to the file system or install Ubuntu.


LOL! Sorry Lumen, I couldn’t help myself.

I’m going to ditch the pixel art and make an actual wither skeleton and have the shop inside of the head.

Im going to continue playing pr till I’m not so addicted.

im in a PR state of mind for now as well. and right now working 50+ hours /week. only so much time for fun. i have vacation coming up soon tho and no where to go as of now.