Getting the Ace of Spades community back up and running

As everybody has been able to tell, the AoS player count has been slowly declining. I want to figure out ways that we can band together and solve this and even make it grow again. Getting the modding scene some attention again, getting you tubers to post videos again, and other things to help spread the game. The reddit is blank, and the aloha PK twitter hasn’t been used in a year. This doesn’t help the situation. Maybe even finding the source code from the game from Jagex, or Ben Aksoy somehow so people can create the greatest things possible with this limitless game. All the help is encouraged, and the game needs it.

I could not agree more. I just cannot see it being revitalized though. The game in its current state is to put it simply, a cult following. Very few of us play it, and most of the frequents play for a short amount of time only.