Getting kicked for no reason.


I’m not sure where else to post this so sorry if it’s not the right place.

But why do I often get kicked when trying to join any AoS Beta 0.75 servers?
This never happened before and I haven’t changed anything about my setup since like late 2016ish.
And often times after such a kick I can’t even connect for like 5-10 minutes.

I like to play Ace of Spades and often times servers are the only that have people in them…

You may have been banned from servers. Please post your in game name so an admin (if im not around) can verify this for you.

I think you’re using a proxy/VPN. Our server automatically kicks proxies/VPNs because of ban evaders. If you turn off whatever VPN you’re using you should be able to play normally.

Good luck!

I doubt I’m banned because this is always just temporary. After trying again 5-10 minutes later I can log in just fine.
My IGN is “Death the Kid”

I generally do use a VPN but I know a lot of games/servers block them now so that was the first thing I did; Trying to see if it still happened without the VPN.
It still happened without the VPN.