Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a game, when you play as a block jumping over obstacles and riding vehciles such as UFO, ship, ball and wave. Sounds easy?
Nah. This is a challenging game.
Here are some links:
iOS:‎Geometry Dash on the App Store
WARNING:This game is paid. Yeah. Real money. Get a demo first to try this out and, when you liked it, you have to buy the full one.

I beat every level but Clubstep (#14), #11, and #13

I beated all except for Clubstep, Electrodynamix, Hexgaon Force and ToE2. :l

I have 750 stars, 48 coins and 5 demons.
I sux. :frowning:

I play Geometry Dash, but only the Lite, i still kinda suck. I play the full V on my friend’s IPad

I remember playing the LITE version. Was fun. May try it out.