General information about the server

We will be allowing you to let your friends on the server, of course try to keep it to the very trusted friends, and ones who are mature and whatnot.

Here’s a basic amount of information you should know, and they should know about the server. Just make sure they have this general idea:

Dynmap link:

It’s a vanilla server, with the difficulty set to hardest.
PvP is enabled, though it’s not a PvP server.
Of course no cheating, stealing, or griefing.
We’re trying to model the server off the Mindcrack server, which is a vanilla server where famous LP’ers play on it. This is only relevant if you know what that server is :stuck_out_tongue:
Pranking is NOT something they do on the server, it’s not really fun. It’s NOT allowed.
This isn’t NOT a community server. Stuff within chests at someone’s house, it not for everyone. It’s their stuff, don’t touch it. You can look into it, and whatnot…but don’t touch it. Same with animals, farms, everything. If they don’t say you can touch it, then don’t.
When asking to join the server you should mention how far from spawn you should build.
Build your home at least 500 blocks from spawn. This is because we use the nether to travel to each other’s houses.
Have fun!

Anyone have anything to add/change? We can make this look fancy then give it to the others who are joining.

Server address:
Register to play:

Please make sure they know to go at least 500 blocks away from spawn before building a house. That’s right, 5,000 blocks.

Also you should use the dynmap to make sure you’re not too close to someone! Of course if you ask them ahead of time then it is fine to build next to someone, but always be careful :slight_smile:

Is this server gone? Just curious. Sounds cool.