[general glitch discussions] glitches/solutions/questions

The first glitch is fairly well known. Every time (not just sometimes) I alt+tab above a cavern/roof/tunnel to change music or turn off Skype notifications I end up falling through the floor. This is something I never abuse but can’t help. Is this something native to .75 or can I do something to prevent it as it is annoying when it kills me?

The second glitch is when the map ends and is as far as i know is unexploitable. I’ve never seen this happen to anybody else so I’m at a loss for an explanation but about half the time when the map ends I re-spawn where i was before the last intel was capped. I was wondering if this is preventable? I’ve tried a fresh install but It doesn’t help the problem. I’ve been having this problem for years but with torch getting banned recently I want to be as transparent as possible about it.

Again, These are two glitches i cannot prevent and do NOT exploit. I’m all about the game play, not breaking the game. I’m wondering if there are any solutions to the problems out there because it’s simply not fair to everybody else if I’m left out of the end map massacre.

Edit: This may as well turn in to a general discussion about glitches. If you have any questions feel free to ask them here. I may not know the answers or solutions but odds are someone here does. No question is stupid here. (well unless its stupid lol)

I think the first glitch mostly happens due to low fps. It also happens when you do other stuff like turning on a recording software ingame. You could try to play the game in windowed mode so your monitor doesn’t switch between AoS resolution and your regular desktop resolution (at least that is what is causing the fps lag for me).


you got me weak mayne

if you’re not constantly doing it on purpose i’m pretty sure most admins will pass it off as a silly accident. if you’re constantly maliciously doing it then you’re going to get in trouble

this is a pretty good suggestion. if you’re aware of this happening often you should probably do this

Definitely not true. They take glitching very seriously here.

if you’re doing things by accident no one is going to take it out on you. like if something happens out of the blue like once or twice it’s not your fault. the problem arises when you’re aware that what you’re doing is wrong and it keeps happening after you’re aware of this, then it becomes a problem. it’s the same thing with the babel glitch. if you accidentally did it, no one is going to be mad. if you keep doing it after you know it’s annoying and wrong then it becomes a problem

That sounds nice, but is not the case of what they actually do.

Is it glitching if you play .75(unmodified client), sound track someone underground, look down to see them under you, and then proceed to kill them by digging down? I understand its bs to see someone under you (not like you can’t hear them anyway) but it’s part of the game so is it against the rules to look down? I’ve never had this clarified before and always just assumed it was okay… If this defies commen sense I’m sorry but I’m asking the question for the first time. If this also means my trusted status should be removed (if this is admitting to glitching or if this is glitching) im totally okay with that because I’ve been using this trick for years and i do i need to be unvotekickable to play. I just want to clarify.

It’s fine to use

:3 good. Thanks!

That’s a really stupid bug thing of the game, it always scares me when I’m digging right under the enemy and they can so easily just look down and see me. Good to know it is allowed on the small scale.

What about SpadeNade? Probably half of all ArenaCS players use that thing.

Patched - does no damage or something. Haven’t been able to see it since I purely use OS but I’ve seen people complaining lmao.

Admins said recently it was a bannable offence, but it seemed to be a recent thing since I asked a long time ago and was given the green-light to use it.

phew, guess I can start camping again.

In voxlap, if I look at the bottom of the Babel platform, I can see people’s feet, scurrying around on the heavens!

It’s probably been mentioned before, but it would be nice if the Babel was maybe 2 blocks thick, but the edges were still 1 block thick. Seeing people’s feet is basically ESP, and you can see where they are about to shoot down from. I will sometimes see bullet tracers lag through the platform when I’m on it, indicating that other people can see my feet when I am on it.

Like I said, it’s basically ESP and OpenSpades players can’t see feet through the platform, giving voxlap another unfair advantage.

I also saw another glitch a few days ago. I don’t have any good video showing it because Bandicam is dumb sometimes (or I am dumb for not pressing the right record key, haha) but there was some ghost blocks in Babel. Not sure how they are made, but you can’t place any blocks on them and if you go on them you won’t fall - but you’ll die of fall damage. I played in voxlap when that was happening, and it was happening to other players, too. Just wanted to say that in case someone else has had that experience, too.

Ghost blocks are also visible on CS maps. Strange.
Also, I saw a glitch when I switched the block colours too fast and all of them disappeared. Again, pretty strange.

There is a way to create those ghost blocks but if people relog, it will be invisible for them(not for you! Unless you relog aswell :P)

Hm, didn’t know that. Interesting.

Heh you’ll never see a os user complaining about the op smg recoil(non recoil) they are blessed with. God forbid someone knows where you are while you camp on a platform and throw nades on someone’s spawn continuously.

Is it “Glitching” to blocktrap a zombie with /b 7 on the humans vs zombies server?