gen* TC bug

More than once, when playing an “aloha TC gen” map, one team has captured all 6 bases (0-6 6-6) but not won. This is pretty annoying. One player had a hunch that it was because they had a foothold somewhere. If that is the case could it say “Blue is capturing F6” or similar when blue has nothing but a foothold? If it’s not the case, could you look into fixing the bug? Thanks.

first time i heard of this

how do i replicate the bug?

I have had this problem before once, I think its not a bug but someone was just capturing one of your bases as you where capturing theirs, and so you didn’t win because of then capturing them, but if that is not the case, then I think its a bug.

If that is the case can it please notify the winning team of which tent is currently being captured or just sitting there halfway, unoccupied? It’s very annoying to capture the last CP and… nothing, with no idea which of the 6 is the problem. Sometimes there’s nobody even in the tent at all.

this is an issue with the game itself, nothing a server can do about it

i suggest posting about it on the official forums at