[GAME MODE] versus

Game mode: Versus


  • /versus <player> <number of kills (default is 20)>

  • /accept <player>

  • To challenge a player you should use the command /versus <name or #ID> <number of kills> (example: /versus #2 30)

  • Once you challenge a player, that player will receive a message saying that you are challenging them.

  • When you want to accept a versus, you must put /accept <player> (example: /accept #1), when you accept the challenge, all the players that are in the server will automatically join the spectator team at the exception of you and the challenger.

  • Those who are in the spectator team will not be able to join any team and will not be able to use the /versus or /accept commands until the versus is over.

  • When you accept the versus, you and the challenger will join a random team, either blue or green (this is to avoid if both the challenger and you are on the same team)

  • There will be a count remain of 5 seconds, when reaching 0 a message will be sent saying the following:

"The versus (your nick) and (nick of the challenger) have started!"
"The player who reaches (maximum kills to win the versus) kills is the winner!"

  • The script every 30 seconds will show the current kills of both players:

"(Player (nick of the challenger): kills: (kills of challenger)) — (Player (your nick): kills: (your kills))
"Goal of versus: (maximum kills to win the versus) kills!"

  • When a player is the winner, the script will send a message saying:

"(nick of the winner) is the winner!"

  • When finishing the versus again the team's will be unblocked and it will be possible to start again a new versus.

  • When a player, whether you or the challenger, leaves while the versus has not ended, a message will be sent saying that the Versus has not ended for the reason that the (player) retired while the Versus had not yet finished and everything will be unblocked again so the players can choose a new versus again.

  • The players will not be able to kill, destroy and build, all this will be enabled only when a versus has started therefore only the players of that current "versus" will be able to build, destroy and kill, everything will be disabled when the versus has finished.


Perfect maps for this game mode, they would be assault and pinpoint, you can also use small maps.

versus.py (6.34 KB)

Can’t wait until servers add this plugin! Nice job Mega