Posting this new game mode called Cube. It's based on Babel, the change is in the platform. Now a large box (customizable with extensions) it has three levels. The players builds a tower to the top, dropping into the cube they pick up the intel. They cannot jump back up, they must run the intel back through the big cube in the sky. Stairs lead down the three floors to exit doors on the bottom level, if you drop the intel inside it stays alive, your team can pick it up the opposing teams touch will return it to the heavens. I think this will make for interesting twist on the babel style of gameplay, building a tower is still crucial to scoring points but the run back will need some group efforts to get through a heavily crowded cube.

I hope you guys like it!

cube.py (3.99 KB)

cube_script.py (14.4 KB)

Sounds like fun!

Thanks, so far I’ve only played some 1vs1 games. I hope to see a big match of it someday!

Already made a small fix. Turns out on the minimun platform depth the intel was able to be picked up from insde the cube. I made a 1 block deep indent arount the "intel altar" to prevent it, but some tight quick jump crouch spam got through so I've extended that indent by 1 more block.

cube_script.py (14.4 KB)