Funny/awesome video game moments

I had some funny and awesome moments when I play video games :stuck_out_tongue:


I injected a Pieuvre Armement PMC with the syringe…it had hilarious effects. He screamed “WOOLOOLOLOOLOOLOOO!” and started shooting everything while he laughed like a schoolboy.

I shot 10 PMC’s with laughing ammo, and they all started laughing and shooting each other :stuck_out_tongue: they all killed each other xD

I held up a FROG, and after I had patted her lower area when I was patting her down, she said “You’re pretty good at that…”

I KO’ed Meryl and Akiba and Akiba’s head ended up on her pussy

Battlefield 3

1 VS 16, me being the one. I went recon on them, and beat them all.

I saw some snipers in the tower on Noshahr Canals and when I shot the Barrett I stole once, I killed all 3 with headshots, destroyed their 2 spawns (portaspawns) and I caused a spawning soldier to run off the building in fear

Halo 4

That ass-sasination…I stabbed someone with the knife (we were doing this on purpose) and recreated the “Prostate Exam” assassination

3 banshees when I was making a machinima set, accidentally crashed into each other all at once.

I hijacked the mantis, but didn’t kill it. My allies killed the driver, and I still hung on teh back of it

Ace of Spades

Too many to count :stuck_out_tongue:

Share your stories here!

I think i already made a thread about this .-.

That thread died! This one is for GENERAL gaming…yours had mostly AOS