Fun on classicgen server

I joined the classicgen server today, and had a ton of fun. Satou, virus and Name3s b0b were on.

They made a neat little spade war arena:

And I made a random house right next to it:

We had some spade wars in the arena, but I didn’t get any screenys of that.

All together some of the best fun I have had on Ace of Spades since I first started playing. Thank you all who contributed.

Glad ya stopped by! We started out on Hallway, but its way too hectic there for this sort of thing. Gonna have to join us again some time!

Sounds like minecraft, I’ll join…

Didn’t you make a video satou?

Yeah, gotta edit and upload, I’ll post it in my youtube thread.


Glad some people are enjoying the new server :slight_smile:

Making me kinda jealous I can’t play ;/

Just like hobohob said, that was also some of the most fun I have had in aos so far, and thanks for making this thread hobo :wink:

I’m kinda jealous too. :frowning:

looks fun! thanks for posting pics

reminds me of original AoS

@B0b: Welcome

U could go on if you go on the right time

I just went on the classic server yesterday, everything was griefed lol. I took some screens but I haven’t uploaded to imgur.

How do you upload pics from desktop?? Do I save on photobucket? is good

What i do if i am taking a snapshot in game is ctrl + prntscr, then I open paint and ctrl + v.
to paste it onto paint. Once that is done , File, SaveAs, lable the file name, drop the SaveAs Type scroll down at bottom to PNG or *PNG then save it… once its saved to probably my pictures or whatever destination you pick, you can then go to imgur as izzy stated and upload the file. Now that its uploaded you can click the type of description to the right you want. If you were to post it in a forum like this click BBcode and then ctrl+v to paste it in and then you may preview it before sending

Thanks, I knew how to take a screenshot but i didnt know how to upload.