Full super moon photo event 🌕

On the 14th and 15th of June, the strawberry moon will make her appearance in our night skies. :full_moon: :star_struck:
She will be very close to the earth, making her appear larger than usual. We have many people interested in photography, so this is a perfect opportunity to see who can take the best picture! Show off your skills by capturing an image of our lovely moon in all her glory!

Taking just a picture of the moon is tempting, but framing the moon looming over something makes your photo much more enjoyable! Below I will post some examples of how you can frame your picture interestingly while including the moon.

(Not by me)

Are you interested? Take photos of the moon tomorrow or the day after and post the pictures on the forum in #media:photography!

Next week we will collect all the pictures and make a poll so the community can select and vote for the best picture!

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Incredibly excited to see if I can capture any worthwhile pics! :smile:

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