FSOM April 2014 - Staff vs Forums

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Saturday 5 April 2014, 5PM GMT
Times Worldwide: goo.gl/2nCKLf
Server: http://aos075.aloha.pk:30886/
Click here for details

Hello Aloha PKers! We invite you all to FSOM Staff vs Forums!

Unlike prior staff vs forums events, this time staff will be using shotguns only in a CTF custom map game mode. Forums can use whatever weapon they want!

There’s a map vote as well. So click here and vote for your favorite map. A list of maps with picture is in the spoiler below:

Click for details







Like every FSOM event, team comradery is important, so most communication will take place over Mumble. For details on installing mumble, click the spoiler below (it’s really easy). Join us on mumble!

Even if you don’t have a mic, or don’t wish to speak, please install mumble anyway. This way you can at least hear our communications. The installation will be even easier.

Mumble Info

Mumble can be downloaded here:

Download the client software on the right side of the screen. Installation is pretty simple, as there’s a wizard when you first start the application to help you set up your mic and audio.

I highly recommend using a button to activate it, rather than having your mic turn on automatically when it picks up noise. This is especially true for laptop users or those using a webcam w/ mic. You’ll have this option towards the end of the wizard (my push-to-talk is set to mouse button 5, your scroll button (click, not scroll) is also free in aos for you 3 button mouse owners).

If you choose to do push-to-talk, keep your threshold rather low (so that it’s easier to pick up sounds), this means your blue part of the meter should be small. If instead you are using auto-detect, be sure to keep your threshold toward the high end, or else the rest of us will pick up your game and background noise, which can get quite irritating, especially with 16 people.

Once you’ve setup your microphone, click the picture of the world icon. Then click “Add New” and enter the following:

Label: Aloha
Address: Mumble.aloha.pk
Port: 64738 (unchanged)
Username: Your username. Please stick to your most common username, as after you register, you’ll never get to change it.

For more detailed mumble setup information, check out this post here: http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=3721.msg34375#msg34375

Once you’re connected, double click on Aloha to put you in that channel. On the event day there will be channels for Blue and Green team.

Please try to be on mumble 15 minutes prior to the event. Thanks!




Forums team please.

I should be able to make it so add me to the staff side.

I didn’t bother with a team roster this time. Everyone should know where they’re going.

I most likely can make it. Are we allowed to use OS, since I have found out shotguns in OS have a few buffs such as less spread.

Sure idc

Only shotguns for staff? Well… forum snipers assemble! ;D

idk but, is trusted counted as staff? because trusted is on the staff list …?

I’m in. :smiley:

Epic Forts has so many close quarters that shotgun will be good there.

May I be on the staff team since I was staff and I’m trusted?

Trusted are’nt techncly staff, so I would assume no it wan’t allowed last svf. Those that want to verse us with shotties from fourms team are welcome to do so.

How do I sign up for the event?

I was staff

I think you’ll just show up for this event because ei8htx didn’t bother with a team roster/sign up page. But since the server spots are limited it is first come first serve.

Also I believe guards and up are the only ones with the shotgun limitation.


I will go

I will be there!

i am in alright lets do this go forums XD 8)

Kaylee kiss my ass really XD ::slight_smile: silly u