Froe Plays Vanilla(ish) Minecraft

Hello everyone, Froe here.

I really love Ace of Spades, it’s a game that changed my life and I will always cherish the memories I’ve got of it. With that said, another game that I hold dear to my heart is Minecraft.

It is for that reason that I began a Minecraft lets play. It is a vanilla lets play but I add-on data packs that add some nice features to the game, so I call it “Vanilla(ish).”

I figured I would start a thread for it so I can more easily share it with people.

I’m currently on episode 30:

And here is a playlist for all the episodes:

To describe what the series is as a whole, it’s Minecraft. I just do whatever idea I think of and try my best to pull it off. Right now I’m heavily inspired to build a large lore filled world (like LOTR) which entails lots of building…But I also love technical stuff, despite not being super great at that part of the game. Sometimes I adventure, sometimes I mine or cave…To best sum it up, the series is about how I play Minecraft and the evolution of our Minecraft world.

I would love to answer any questions you have!


this forum category used to to post Minecraft server stuff but i don’t think this is to share minecraft related content

I believe there is a dedicated forum for the MC server, but it might not be visible to us anymore.

I know it’s sometimes frowned upon to share videos like this on other forums, so if the admins feel it’s inappropriate I’m sure they would let me know. But, keep in mind, I intend to keep this as a long-term thread where I post updates/discussion/videos…etc. I hope it’s not considered spamming the forums but instead contributing to them.

Finally, I would like to add that that the server is what helped inspire me to play Minecraft and start a lets play in the first place. So, sharing with the community that got it started is special, to me.

it’s intriguing and entertaining to watch and very well done… by all means please keep sharing!

this is a general Minecraft forum for anything Minecraft related, and this thread is an excellent example of content that’s welcome here especially because it’s personally created

i don’t even play Minecraft and i wouldn’t know where to start to do a lot of the stuff Froe does in his vids but watching the vids makes me wish i did lol

bravo Froe you’re good at this

Episode 21 is out:

In this episode I gather a bunch of legendary gear from the boss mobs in the data pack we are using. The data pack is linked here: RPG Loot, Mobs & Dungeons Data Pack Minecraft Data Pack

In the video I pose the question if I should focus on starting a project and working on it until it is finished, something I struggle to do as of now, or should I continue just doing whatever I think is most fun at the moment?

I also am curious what people think of the idea of trying the dungeons that you can spawn/summon with the same data pack that brings us the legendary boss mobs. The dungeons themselves are unique and add an extra challenge as well as an extra reward. Let me know what you think, I would be interested in trying them with the stipulation that if they provide too OP of gear or loot I will not use it.



You now have a spider infestation. You can tell me you got them all, but I won’t believe you.

The noises they make haunt me wherever I go! They are so crafty and sneaky…

Episode 22 is out:

In the next few episodes I will be pushing to finish as many projects as possible before episode 25, our world tour!


I would honestly be interested in a new Minecraft server. I know this is not the thread where i should post this. I’m just sharing the opinion of most of the playerbase of the old minecraft server. We all had a good time on it and I feel like its a shame this all went away now. I understand if aloha wants to stay more Ace of Spades centered.

From yours Truly
Guard of the previous Minecraft server

I think a server would be cool too, but I also understand the challenging involved in running one! I wouldn’t have much time to fully dedicate to it, especially with summer ending shortly! I hope things are well for you Twoday, :slight_smile:

Episode 23 is out:

In this episode I have a brief discussion about making videos/my hobbies and how I enjoy them all but don’t have enough time to do everything I want! I then work on a fancy item dispensing system.


Episode 24 is live too, forgot to post 23 haha

I am working really hard to prepare things for the first world tour. I want there to be a sense of completion with some of the projects and have things working somewhat well haha. When I first made this episode I was pretty happy with it but now looking bad some of the edits/“acting” are a bit terrible haha! But, I learned some new editing tricks that I can hopefully improve upon later on. Let me know what you all think!



Episode 25, the world tour is live:


drinking game:
watch the world tour and take a shot every time your friend says “right”

hahaha to be fair I didn’t leave him much opportunity to speak more than one word at a time ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Episode 26: Nether GPS Project

I’m becoming pretty comfortable with recording longer segments at a time like exploring the nether. When I first began to make videos there were lots of cuts/reshoots because I can’t speak well. I also can’t explain things well…I’m in the wrong profession. But, I’m improving a bit! Thanks for the support. I am posting this video late because I left for vacation literally minutes prior to uploading the video and am just getting caught up with things after returning home :smiley:


Been awhile since I’ve posted on here, I apologize for that! Real life is really…busy haha.

Here’s episode 35 of my lets play!