Fresh maps for babel

the following maps have been added to our tower of babel servers:

Drift Ice by IAmYourFriend:

Frog by Lostmotel:

Land of Cahirs by Lostmotel:

Trenches by Ki11aWi11:

Turtle Soup by Lostmotel:

Utopia 2 by Lostmotel:

also, the allowable carry time of the babel intel has been halved. get that thing back to your base pronto!


Glad to see Maze Mountain deleted! Thanks izzy!

Maze Mountain wasn’t deleted

My mistake. Missed the word added :-[ Anywaysss… I think it should be deleted. xD

Yes! This is great news.

Awesome! Some fresh life into babel, thanks izzy!

Izzy’s awsome thanks.


Thank you very much for new maps.


Love them.


Nice :3

Great move! particularly trenches is one i have wanted to see added.


Thank for the new maps. I like all of them, except Turtle soup, its a little annoying map for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow These maps is cool i must play 'em :smiley:

Thanks! I really like playing Tenches.

Great! Trenches, Turtle soup and Utopia 2 are really nice maps! Expect to see me there soon, I’ll also tell guys from my clan about this. :slight_smile:

Finally :,)

It looks awesome

These are good maps, but the map rotation should be modified regularly in order to make the gameplay more dynamic. I suggest to create a topic where players could vote for a new map and delete an older one every week. :wink: