Free Games & Software for Everyone

This is a carefully hand-picked list of games, both classic & new & software, completely free and legal, that work on a variety of low-end computer systems.
This is actually for a project I’m working on called Software4Soldiers, that’s made to fit on a single DVD. Just thought I’d share.

-Adventure & Action Adventure
King’s Quest I - a classic adventure game
King’s Quest II - a classic adventure game
King’s Quest III - a classic adventure game
Quest for Glory 2 - a classic adventure game

-Arcade & Action
Celestial Mechanica - an action, puzzle, exploration & adventure game

Chromium - A sci-fi shootemup game, similar to R-Type

Hedgewars - A Worms clone

Icy Tower - An arcade tower game

Tyrian 2000 - a sci-fi shootemup game, similar to R-Type

Shoot First - an action game with randomly generated levels

Hydorah - a horizontal shootemup game

-Classic Board Games
Backgammon Classic

Domination - a Risk clone


100% Free Chess

Monopoly Here & Now


Solitaire Settlers of Catan - the classic board game, playable against the computer

Beats of Rage - a 2D beatemup game, similar to Streets of Rage/Final Fight

Wrestling MPire Career Edition - A 3D Wrestling Game, similar to WWF/WWE

-FPS Action & Adventure
Marathon - classic FPS by the creators of Halo
Marathon II - classic FPS by the creators of Halo
Marathon Infinity - classic FPS by the creators of Halo

Lifted - a puzzle/action FPS game similar to Portal is for sale | HugeDomains (play in browser only, download coming soon)

Gravity Bone - a spy-themed first person action/adventure game

Frets on Fire - A Guitar Hero clone

Stepmania - A Dance, Dance Revolution clone

Cave Story (w/ English patch) - an award winning platform game

Hydra Castle Labyrinth

Iji - a sci-fi platform/shooter game with role-playing elements

Momodora 2 - a 2d “metroidvania” game

N: Way of the Ninja - a running/jumping platform/puzzle game

Spelunky - a 2d procedural exploration/action platformer

Umbrella Adventure - a hand-drawn exploration adventure game

Eternal Daughter - an epic platform game, an homage to Castlevani/Super Metroid

Desktop Dungeons - a quick play, puzzle RPG

Pingus - a Lemmings clone

Wind and Water - an arcade/action puzzle game

DoomRL - a dungeon crawler/RL game based on the Doom series with graphic tiles/optional ascii/music

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup - a classic roguelike

Dwarf Fortress - a classic roguelike where you rule and manage a kingdom of dwarves

Tales of Maj’Eyal - a #1 voted graphical roguelike

Vulture (Nethack/UnNethack/SlashEm) - a graphic client for Nethack, UnNethack and Slashem, classic roguelikes

ElderScrolls Daggerfall (requires DosBox) - a classic, massive RPG game, part of the Elder Scrolls series

Guardian of Paradise (w/ English patch) - a zelda inspired game

Laxius Power I - an award winning RPG series
Laxius Power II - an award winning RPG series
Laxius Power III - an award winning RPG series

Ahriman’s Prophecy - a rpg similar to Dragon Warrior with 50+ hours of gameplay

Ark22 - a sci-fi themed rpg with fast-paced action, puzzle elements and more

Dink Smallwood - a game similar to Zelda

Ardentryst - an action/arcade role playing game

StarWars Bloodlines - a RPG based on the Star Wars universe

The Spirit Engine 2 - a 2d side-scrolling, hand-drawn RPG

Zelda Classic - a remake of the classic Zelda with updated graphics, enemies, items, features and more

Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden - a humorous basketball themed RPG

Celestia (starviewer) - a simulator/star/universe viewer

FreeCiv - A free Civilization clone

FreeCol - A free Coloinzation clone

FreeOrion - A free Masters of Orion (sci-fi) clone

Kingdom Rush - A colorful tower defense game

Naev - A sci-fi themed 4x, strategy game

Survivors of Ragnarok - a city building/management survival game, inspired by Dwarf Fortress

The Ur-Quan Masters - A free remake of the classic sci-fi strategy game, Star Control 1/2


-Audio & Video

–Editors & Converters
Audacity 2.0.2 - simple audio editing software

AviDemux 2.6.1 - simple video editing software

Freemake Video Converter - convert videos to various formats,0305-31690.html

HandBrake 0.9.8 - convert videos to various formats

VLC 2.0.5 - award winning, universal media player

WinAmp 563 - award winning, media/stream player

CamStudio 2.6 - webcam/desktop recording software

-Browser & Web Tools
Firefox 17.0.1 - award winning internet browser

Free Download Manager - manages/resumes files downloaded from the internet,0305-1345.html

Google Chrome Portable - a portable internet browser

Skype - webcam/computer call software

Thunderbird 18.0 - a multi-email management client,0301-2723.html

Trillian - a multi-Instant Messenger client

UTorrent - torrent management/downloading software

-Ebook Tools
Calibre Portable - manages, converts ebook libraries

ComicRack - a digital comic book viewer

-Graphic Tools

–3D Tools
Blender - award winning, free 3D modelling software

Sculptris - 3D surface/clay modelling software, similar to Zsculpt

Gimp 2.8.2 - a free Photoshop alternative

Inkscape - a free Illustrator/vector alternative

Picasa - photo/image editing

Zoner Photo Studio - photo editing/management software

-Office & Home Tools
Libre Office (w/ help files) - a free, cross-compatible alternative to Microsoft Office

HomeBank 4.4 - finance/money management software,0305-45319.html

Nitro PDF Reader - PDF Reader/Converter

Notepad++ - an advanced alternative to Notepad, popular with programmers,0301-833-18287.html

PDF Reader - PDF Reader/Converter

-PC & File Utilities

Ultimate Boot CD (iso) - a CD/ISO image that can be burned to disk and used to recover/repair any PC

Glarysoft PC Utility Collection - a collection of PC utilities

Virtual Box - an Operating System virtualizer,0305-7671.html

–Burn Tools
CD Burner XP Pro - cd/dvd/image burning software,0305-2069-16979.html

IMGBurn - cd/dvd/image burning software

–File Management
Absolute Uninstaller - single/batch program uninstaller

FileZilla FileManager - a free FTP/file-sharing client

FreeUndelete - used to undelete/recover deleted files,0305-7447.html

Recuva File Recoverer - used to undelete/recover deleted files

TreeSize - allows you to quickly analyze disk space useage,0305-33662.html

Unlocker - a utility to unlock/delete locked files,0305-5549.html

WinDirStat - disk space analyzer/clean up tool for Windows,0305-1542.html

–Security Tools
Avast Antivirus Free - Free Antivirus software

CC Cleaner - PC cleanup utility, erase history, unused files and fix registry problems

Microsoft Security Essentials - helps guard your PC against viruses, spyware, etc.

TrueCrypt - file encryption utility

Zone Alarm Firewall - free internet/network firewall software

-RarZip Tools
7Zip - free archive/zip/unzipping software

AlZip 7 - free archive/zip/unzipping software
AlZip 8 (w/ free serial) - free archive/zip/unzipping software






















I have one: It’s a TF2/Minecraft FPS game made by Ben Askoy.


Where have I heard that game before…Just can’t remember.

Some kids were talking about it on /v/, maybe I should check it out…

Yeah, because reddit is always right. Always.

nice collection Paravox.

definitely add Ace of Spades Classic to your list! :smiley: has a nice collection too. not targeted only for gamers, but it’s a handy tool for easily installing various free software.

Gotta go with:
Knytt Stories
Within a Deep Forest

Really great atmospheric games with well thought-out gameplay and level design


Its in Alpha.

P.S UTorrent!