Framerate of GrForce GTX580 running Battlefield 3 Open Beta

System SPEC
Intel Core i7 920 @ Stock Clock
Gigabyte GTX580 @ Stock Clock
Corsair DDR3-1600 2GBx3 @ Stock Clock

BF3 Video Settings
All Ultra

Tool used:
MSI AfterBurner 2.2.0 Beta 7

very nice and steady fps

i just ordered a 6950 to replace my dying old CrossFire setup and a 27" monitor to go with it

won’t perform as well as yours but i’m hoping it’ll at least be playable without too much noticeable lag, otherwise i’ll have to get another 6950 for CrossFire

this game is getting expensive!

Nice floor glitch you found at 5:07 of the vid… Thx!

video is private, can i see it?