Framerate issues

Is there a command to display framerate? Having some issues on my new laptop where I basically slow down to a crawl and my ping is still relatively good. I remember years back about someone posting a fix but cannot find it. Anyone recall what the fix was?

Are you using openspades or 0.75 classic client? I’m not sure if theres a command but maybe bandicam or fraps iirc have a fps overlay?

Also was this what your were looking for? Windows 8 + Voxlap FPS fix - Build and Shoot or FPS increaser - Build and Shoot

The fps issues I was having couldn’t be fixed with topo’s or br’s solution. For whatever reason my fps maxed out at 30 for no reason after some random windows 10 update. The only fix was from muffin and I have to change my screen resolution to 1280x720 and then change my in game resolution to 1280x720 in windowed mode with the bns launcher. I didn’t have any of these problems with OpenSpades.

possibly the creator’s update?

maybe this could help? There's A Fix For Frame Rate Stuttering In Windows 10

If you use some video recording software, they can give you a fps tracker without actually needing to record.

As for FPS, here’s something I tried with M&B Warband on Windows 10 with a multicore CPU to help my framerate. It, and I assume AoS, are both designed to run on a single core only, so this might help.
Join a server
You go into control panel task manager
You right click on client.exe.
You click “go to details.”
You right click on client.exe again
Click “set affinity”
Uncheck “All Processors”
Check CPU 1.

I don’t have FPS problems with AoS, so Idk if this works or not.

yeah I already tried that. did nothing.

Thanks for the suggestions, will try a few and see if they help. Can barely even play the way that it is.

Nothing really worked, the registry change helped but background apps kept flashing in and out. The .dll seemed to help as well but I play on multi monitor setup and every time I move my mouse to the edge I lose control inside the game. None of the other suggestions worked at all. Everything seems ok for the first few minutes and then my frame rate slowly goes down until I can barely even play.