FPS increaser


It’s kind of buried in a rarely-visited subforum on bns. Thought I’d promote it from some other places with more traffic :slight_smile:

I use this, and the gameplay seems so much smoother. I recommend using BR’s “second” version, where the minimap is added back, which brings back the use of the “m” map. Note: You might find that your health text, your ammo text, etc is off center/in the wrong place… I did a simple fix by removing the health.bmp, and all the weapon bmp’s. This not only puts the text back into the correct place (making it look nice)… but it also frees up your screen, giving the player a more “pure” gameplay.

Thanks for making this BR. I know it helps myself and a lot of players out.

Hack tool. hax.

ssshh you’re giving people a bad impression

Finally I can advance beyond the 25-0.05 FPS world