[FOUND] Merrick

Last Seen: -2,691, 65, -13,922
Type: Horse
Color: White
Armor: Golden Horse Armor
Saddle: Yes
Reason: Merrick got loose after I got wrecked fighting through a huge swath of mobs. He disappeared around said coordinates. Merrick is a white horse with a saddle, and golden horse armor (this was my first horse, and first looted horse armor). I’d like some assistance in trying to find him.
Time Lost: About 5 hours ago.

Merrick shouldn’t despawn because he has been tamed. If he isn’t found in the next week, chances are he drowned.

EDIT: Anon died with him. RIP Merrick

So THAT horse was yours…

You found it?

He killed it.



Anonymous I can get another horse. I have a nametag. You owe me a saddle and golden horse armor.

I was just kidding with you, who would kill a horse with full golden armour?

Idk :stuck_out_tongue: but can I have my horse back.

You can have my iron armor and nametag
Edit and a saddle in dome one


Also Lone Wolf you better watch your back or be slain by Discordia’s Revenge. Jk but if anyone touches my horse expect to be killed.

The thing is that I never even touched Monsta’s horse. We both died before I can even touch that horse.

You died hiding behind it according to what I can see. You said you tried to protect it.

I have a nametag, but I could use the saddle. Is that horse armor you’re talking about? Because I have a few stacks of iron, and I can make my own iron armor mate.

Can’t do much when creeper buttfucks you with no armor.

Horse armor

Alright I’ll investigate that.

Sniper found him. Now who’s horse could anon have died with