Found Horse

I fell in a ravine and I found a very pretty horse down there with no leash or anything, so I though that someone either lost him or abandoned him. I rescued the horse and Im curious as to who it belongs,

we should turn this section into a news board or something


awww he’s so cute

if the horse was named Merrick, I got a feeling it belongs to Reki.

Horse abandonment is not funny, people. We must put a stop to this!

Danke said the same thing but this thread is more than just knowing who it belongs to.
This section looks too “quiet” for a rpg-themed mc server, in my opinion.

ikr, but if your horse fell in a ravine, you knew you would have to work to get him out. Maybe the owner ragequitted, idk

Merrick went missing after we fell into a ravine and I got killed. I didn’t know the coordinates of it. How’s his health bar?

11 hearts, he is alive. their hp regens


holy shit I should have paid attention.

Derp. This means that merrick never died. So which horse did lone find

wtf? That’s the horse that I thought it died. It’s alive? Woo, I don’t have to feel guilty anymore. That also means that horse stayed alive but I died. Should’ve came to the respawn screen with me.