Forum Suggestion: Server Grievances/Ban Appeals

So I looked through All of these posts and I noticed that a lot of them are complaints and ban appeals. Goon Haven has a section for these and I thought it would be cool if Aloha had one on your forums too. This would de-clutter your forums and make it easier to find posts instead of sifting through complaints ;D

i’ll think about it, i prefer the simplicity of fewer forums though.

anyone else think splitting up this section like that is necessary at this point?

That’s a creative idea Booyo.

I agree with you, izzy. This board is extremely slow already. Dividing it into subforums would only serve to slow down responses even further. Also, I appreciate the sense of a community that the single board gives.

I also think that if it was organized like the aos forums, that it will result in more responses and look more aesthetically appealing.