Formal Complaint About Griefers.

Today i was enjoying my self on Pinpoint but oh no i never get to enjoy my self when their are bloody griefers around. Today the green team (My Team) were making a magnificent 10 level building. But this soon got destroyed when bloody griefers said “Why don’t we grief this tower”. Well i got so angry so i votekicked them. But no they don’t get votekicked because it requires so many people to type /y and most people don’t know how.

This i want to change:
Change how many people have to vote to get them banned
Make a new rank called “Anti-Griefers” which basically has the command to /togglebuild them and to kick them (Maybe ban them).
Hire more admins to help Pinpoint around the clock

Firstly discussing about the /votekick system. This really needs to be changed. This is due to the fact that it requires more than 12 people to type /y. But if you think about that there are about 5 AFK guys in each team This requires about 5-6 people from the other team to type /y. But they don’t know. Also other people don’t even know how to use /y command which is outraging.

The second thing i would like to discuss is having a new ranks system. The rank should be called “Anti-Grief”. This team which are hired by trusted users who know a lot about griefing and etc. This rank should basically let the people have the power of kicking them and the /togglebuild player command. This would be SO useful since their are a lot of people who are active on that server like; Me, [DELTA]NIASKA, Articsledder and many more.

This may i sound a bit repetitive of just what a said above but hire a bit more admins who are actually active.

Finally i would like to raise 1 point.
Yesterday Greasemonkey and me were discussing about scripts when i asked him to make a script so that if they removed a certain amount of X blocks they would be banned or /toggle build of. This script was suggested by me and Greasemonkey is making it for me. So you might want to watch out for the script.

Thanks Alex.

I would like to see the votekick system rebalanced, less votes required and whatnot.

As for hiring new admins, we’re working on it. Ever notice how admins don’t abuse their powers? That’s because aloha has taken the time to cherry pick the right people for the job. This of course takes a lot of time.

Another rank, hm… That would be interesting. I’m not sure it’s possible to have another rank though, with pyspades.

EDIT: Thanks for a great post by the way!

Thanks for your input and yes it is possible to make ranks in Pyspades.

Yeah, You can easily just put in a new rank in the config, I have a builder rank on my server. he gets god, goto, and godbuild. thats it. But anti-grief rank, man I like the sound of that!

If anything, we should just make it so that trusted players can also use togglebuild on high-griefer servers such as pinpoint.

And aloha is really particular about its admin qualities, so we don’t pick many admins.

Lol Reki.

With the issue of griefers on pinpoint, we are aware that there are hoards of griefers there and that it is a major issue so we try to moderate as much as possible. I don’t quite think you can completely get rid of the issue of griefers as we can’t monitor the server 24/7 but we try our best to make it as clean as possible.

As for the anti-griefer class, I’m not to keen on it. I think maybe those who are trusted should be put in a different user-level that allows /toggle build but I don’t agree with the ability to kick or ban. Even guards can’t kick or ban. If we start recruiting an anti-griefer class it’s basically just a limited guard level that can only use commands on pinpoint and if you think you fit this class you might as well apply for guard.

Best option is probably add another script that anti-kicks griefers. If Greaser is already working on it I don’t think it will take him long since it just seems like putting together the vote kick and block info scripts and modifying them a bit.

Right now best thing to do is to use the /admin command or hop by #aloha and inform us if there is an issue. I’m quite aware that vote kicks don’t usually work on pinpoint as many players are Brazillian or Polish and other players just don’t participate in vote kicks. I know there are lots of admins who constantly monitor pinpoint like Reki, showboat, FaZe, and colorpinpoint just to name a few so you should keep an eye out for them if you have an problems.

Griefing griefing everywhere you gonna get griefed.

You literally cannot go on pinpoint for 5 minutes and not be annoyed to immeasurable levels.

I agree with the anti-grief rank. Just average people being able to actually do something about griefers.

This on so many levels.

It should be made where trusted users can togglebuild, and only togglebuild. And whenever they togglebuild someone, it’s logged, so we can somewhat monitor them. To avoid abuse.

Replying to saying you don’t have 24/7 admins. If thats the case you should hire some admins who live in the UK and are trustworthy.
I do the /admin command but nothing happens. No admins deal with it. When on the #Aloha irc no-one is there who is a admin since they all are US thus all of them AFK.

It would be nice a for a new rank since trusted users on Aloha might of changed and acidently or purposely abuse the command.

Yeah, I mean, griefing on pinpoint is insane. All of those ban request pictures that I submitted? Compiled in 2 days. Apparently I’ve been slacking off ;_;

I devote 75-95% of my time on pinpoint. Still not good enough.

I’m pretty sure australians and newzealanders would be best to cover the time when the US admins are asleep… Although Australians do have a fair share of aimbotters themselves. To me it seems that the admins are already on when UKs are on

All I want is griefing GONE! on Pinpoint, I understand that your can’t get all of the griefers, but I want most of them gone, because I really want to build a replica of a Ace of Spades character, without having to restart the feet over and over…

LinktersHD, how are you even playing if you’re on the GBL? Don’t evade T_T
EDIT: Nvm, you’re back on

I’m seriously getting pissed off at people who do nothing but build on pinpoint.

The other day, there were about 5 guys (in the same clan) all building a small town at the back of green, with another 2-3 trying to grief it. To add to that, greens were already underbalanced; we basically had 4-5 greens dealing with all the blues.

I understand making pixel art or elaborate forts, but if you’re just going to sit and make useless things at the back and cry grief without contributing to your team…that’s seriously inexcusable.

Yeah, then they expect us to take care of the “griefers.” Granted it was good bait to take down the griefers before they took down anything important.
It still pisses me off though.

That’ is why I’m suggesting for another rank which limits the ranked players but gives them the ability to disable to build. To chose the players for this liable job you need to pick someone who regularly goes on Pinpoint and has experience with servers and etc.

I have a fool proof solution:

God builders.

These guys have the ability to /godbuild. Their sole purpose is to build fortifications for their team.

Problem solved.