For what this am I banned?

I was just asking anyone to do a votekick against me for fun… IGN Code V2… But The Mole did it really and I just disconnected… When will I be able to join server again … And another question… For how much time will IGN Code be banned because he copied my name and I votekicked him…

A votekick will only last 30 minutes. If you want more action to follow go on the IRC and ask an Admin what the rules are according to taking someones name, because as of right now I am unaware of such rules.

Votekicks will only last for 30 minutes. No matter the name. In very rare cases the votekick will stick, but that very rarely happens.

The sysadmins have tried to remove this bug but it ocasionally shows up on some unpopular servers.
There is a way to remove this bug and that is by joining the specific server you were banned on.