for some reason I cant start a votekick against hackers

for some reason I cant start a votekick against hackers. ingame name Djf12345

/votekick #2 aimbot

If you cant they most likely trusted and arent hacking.

Edit: i have looked back through logs And people you are to votekick are not hacking but very skilled players.

just says cant voteick player but doesn’t say they are trusted

They arent hacking.


cant do it for actual hackers for some reason I have been stoped from votekicking at all meaning it dosnt alow me to start one even if it is very evident they are hacking

I see who you are votekicking and they are not hacking I promise. Instead of coming here to complain about it which does absolutly nothing use pubovl and record and staff can either ban or explain how they arent hacking.

They are protected for a reason and that reason being that they get vk for hacking often when they actually arent.

thanks will do