[Fix] Initdirectdraw failed : 0x80004001

Okay so i was having this following problem:

Initdirectdraw failed : 0x80004001

while ace of spades crashed and didnt work, that message popped up.

to fix this, what worked for me was:

changed settings to windowed → game launched and loaded.

To change the windowed setting, either use the launcher or change manually(see my How-To: here)
after this, i changed it back to fullscreen and worked fine.

Hope this helped solved this problem for you aswell.
Have a good game,

you used incorrect resolution

hello danat,
i believe that what starry sky say is correct, is is likely you have change your resolution in your game file, this sometimes cause this error, i know this because i have once change it as well and than i got this same error, only two resolutions work for me and that is the default resolution and the highest resolution so for me any other resolution will cause this error which is strange but i do not now much about computers so this is normal for me,
thanks for sharing see you in the servers danat, i see you on babel sometimes but i dont say hi so i am sorry for this and i will say hi to you when i see you next,

Hello, and thanks for the input from both of you, I do agree that the resolution might be at cause,
but changing it back to default was not fixing the error.

While changing to windowed mode did fix it,

so yeah,
I leave this hoping that anyone with this error is able to fix it.
if it doesnt work let me know, also if it does work, feedback is appreciated

also, is Hapa your ingame name? i’ll say hello if i see you ingame aswell

Have a good game,

Okay so i just noticed that “hapa” is a forum rank.
Whats your ingame name? to say hello if i see you.
(was going to edit previous reply, but couldnt, is 1 edit max?)

You can edit your post as much as you want for only 15 60 or so minutes. After that, they become uneditable.

y tho

hello to you danat,
there no point to tell you this my in game name because i change this sometimes but so i will say hi to you first when i see your

Thanks Kuunikal,
It makes sense to limit the edit to 15 mins,
after all, editing a post is mostly about fixing a mistake or change something slightly, not to edit and redo the whole post.

So, I’ll see you ingame then