FFAX problems with getting kicked

So, I play ffax a lot and often get threatened for being a hacker. Which I’m not but I’m very very good at that game mode.

Anyway just a few minutes ago I was successfully votekicked. This is the second time on the ffax server.

Will I eventually be permanently banned if I continue to be successfully votekicked? I really like that server, and I can endure an occasional votekick but I don’t want to get banned permanently.

Is there a way to prevent people like myself from being kicked? Often the people who bring the accusations have usernames I don’t recognize and/or show signs of not knowing how FFAX actually works.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think only staff members can permanently ban you, and being vote kicked every now and then is unfortunately the price to pay for getting a lucky spree. You can apply for a password that bypasses the votekick system, see the trusted members thread.

Alright thank you. I will take a look at the trusted users thing. It looks pretty hard to get in though.

If you have the intel and you’re on red you get all the beautiful power-ups, which makes some people think you’re an h4x0r.

don’t worry about being permanently banned by a votekick. votekicks only last for 30 minutes and they will never turn into perma’s. it seems like a trusted password is what you need. also iirc, FFAX usually doesn’t have a lot of players so sometimes votekicks get started when there’s only like 2 players online. afaik PXYC has fixed that but apparently there’s still some bugs so we’ll look further into that. otherwise, if you ever get banned by a votekick just hop on the IRC and an admin will probably try to help you out.