February FSOM poll

Voting closed. winner is TOW

For the February FSOM event we are giving the community a chance to pick the game mode from these four choices. The main thread and map poll (and team roster) will be created next week.

The choices for this FSOM are:


KOTH (King of the hill)

TOW (Tug of War)


no arena!?

sorry didn’t think of it. We were mostly worried about servers that weren’t getting populated.

Well then, we already had a push and KOTH has great pop during EST player times. Maybe free4all would be an interesting FSOM for unpopulated serv

KOTH CTF and TOW were the servers that the staff suggested over the last few days. Push was suggested at the last minute before this poll was made.

Push isn’t even winning, so moot point lol.

Why no fortwars :frowning:

Koth is populated??? ??? I havn’t seen it populated in a long while.

I saw some people on it around Christmas, but that was it.

/y CTF for intel towers

KOTH is populated at EST player time

I am in EST

Yeah, the past few days KOTH has been populated a pretty decent amount

Are you referring to Europe on in the USA?


United States Eastern

Koth will be a cool mode to play. Seems like TOW is winning though.

Someone should stick this

probably sticky the FSOM itself after it has been decided

Will there be last stand FSOM? Ever? lol