Favorite map!

So. if you had to pick one map from AoS and select said map as your favorite, what would it be? It can be for any game mode and it has to have been or currently is on AoS. Explain if you want, I don’t really care if you go into great detail on it, I am just curious to see what people say.

My Pick: Omaha, the map just is so interesting, and you almost feel like you are experiencing a really cheesy D-Day landing. That is just my personal opinion.

ToW please? This map is amazing on it.

My favorite is either pinpoint or gh_assault due to the fact that i like simple and flat maps and because it’s easier to get kills on maps like those.

binladencompoundv7 is cool because somtimes i imagine cp gamemodes happening there

Gh_assault by a long shot. Flat map,cant be flanked,favours sniping. What else would you ask for

I would like to set up a server with all your suggestions, but I can not keep it 24/7.

My favorite map: ellipsis because it has a great structure almost non-mountainous that allows me to move well. :3

That would be super cool if you could!

gh_assault. That map is what brought my AoS experience to fruition.