Farm Complete

At this point, I don’t even know why I care about it so much.

I’ll probably extend it another row though, just for fun.

Sure you may get a lot of wheat,but if you want to see a proper good looking farm have a visit at mine.

it, it’s… beautiful!

I want to see a updated picture of it now! Thanks for all the bread too!

Stage 2: Expand farm from 4 rows to 8 rows. ETA: 2 days
Stage 3: Encase the sides with cobblestone. ETA: a while, unless you guys help with supplying me cobblestone.

Well, I made an album of my completed* farm.

*I might put a sugar/cactus farm on top of the farm, but that’s for later…


How much wheat that puppy put out per harvest?

34 stacks of wheat at full capacity, though by experimenting I’ve found it more economically feasible to harvest at around 90% capacity and replant rather than wait for the last 10%.

As an aside, I don’t actually harvest all 8 rows at once; I circle-crop. That is, I harvest row by row, so that the other 7 rows can grow as I harvest/reseed one row.

Atop this farm I’ve built a (manual) tree farm, just for practical uses. Above that, I’m working on an automated melon/pumpkin farm.