Farewell Aloha

Tis my day to leave. If you want to know more about why Im leaving and stuff, go here

Now, lets face it, I dont really admin much. Just kinda chill in the aloha channel. Maybe once in awhile if someone says something in #aloha or if Im in-game. But, when I did, it was a great experience. Now that Im leaving, for what may just be a month or so, I just wanted to note I wont be around to do what I really never did.

I just wanted to say thanks for being a great community of guys to play with.

What if you still want to keep in contact? My skype is Ezekiel Sanger. Just send all the Ezekiel’s a message and if its me ill add ya. Also, if you send me a pm through the forums I will always see something you send. I can always use this to send stuff if anything.

Sincerely, Zeke

Man its tough to see someone like you leave :frowning: I really wish you would stay. We’re going to miss you bud.

It’s been fun with you around; hopefully someday you’ll decide to return.

Until then, ciao.

Yeah, sad to see you go.

Farewell until you get AOS withdrawal’s! :frowning:

See you in a week Zeke! 8)

you’ll be missed son. you’re always welcome to hang around here. we’ll focus on other games in the future if you ever have an urge to join in on that action.

Ill chat in aloha just to talk to you guys.

Also Mojo, nice rhyme :wink:

Farewell, Zeke. Even though we never really played on the same servers often, I’ll still miss ya! As it was said before, we will always be here in case ya decide to return!

Welp, I guess I’ll see you around. Enjoy having a social life!

Bye Zekester :’(

PS: getting a social life at this point in time will be awfully difficult.

Sad to see you go Zeke. Just come by every now and then, and who knows there will be a time you blow the dust from your ace of space install and find some new motivation again.

Take care!


It’s sad to see a long time member go.


Well, it’s just a game. You don’t have to leave. You can play whenever you feel like it or not.

As far as your complaints about the general community, that’s online gaming.