[FAQ] RACE MODE NOW UP! [Feedback]

[shadow=red,left]aloha.pk race vroom vroom at aos://1379434439:44887[/shadow]

Q: There’s a bug xyz!
A: PM me on IRC, there’s a 99% chance it’s already been fixed and I’m just waiting for izzy to update it :wink:

Q: Are there more maps?
A: I will work on extending the checkerjump map, as well as sequels. But normal maps to race conversions are planned first. Right now I’m planning to convert Maze.

A: PEBKAC, calibrate your monitor.

Q: How do I double jump?
A: When you get to a checkpoint that has a double jump powerup, it’ll notify you and you can press ctrl in air to jump once.

Q: I can get hit by other people!
A: But you can’t die or respawn, I find it great in case you’re playing with friends to make it clear that you’re near.

Q: I can’t complete it! Can you help?
A: Sure, just say Dany0 and I’ll come over!

Q: Go suck a bag’o’dicks!
A: Why thank you.

Q: I’m lagging and can’t complete it :frowning:
A: Aw that sucks, here have a cookie :3

Q: Can I host it too please?
A: If you make your own map and share it with us(and it doesn’t totally suck), I’ll hand you over the documents. Or just wait until AoS 1.0.

Q: Where’s the Google Docs leaderboard you promised?
A: aloha.pk race leaderboard - Google Sheets Enjoy.

Q: XYZ is cheating!
A: How? Is he glitching out of the map? If yes, can you show me where?

Q: Grenade teleport sometimes doesn’t work!
A: Yup sometimes the grenade lends in silly places where you’d get LSD screen if you’d spawn there. Just try again :wink:

Q: It’s awesome! Can I get admin?
A: No, but if you’re cool I could send you over the irc channel so you can help people if they’re stuck.

Q: It’s not really race?
A: You’ll see there’ll be race maps too :wink:

So what is this exactly? a raceing map?

Parkour is fun.

It’s fun but could there be a really easy course? I can’t even complete the tutorial. :S

I should’ve replied to this yesterday after going through all the courses, haha.

I like this. It’s a fun concept and it’s…well, “challenging” is kind of an understatement. Those jumps where you have to fit yourself through two-block-high holes are crazy tough. Seems to be pretty frustrating for a handful of players, though. It’s rewarding once you actually make it through the courses and get to play around with the teleporting grenades and double-jump.

On that note, the teleporting grenades and double-jump are fun to play with. I never expected to be able to double-jump in AoS.

If you make more obstacle courses like the checkerjump map, maybe there are some other things you could implement for players to work through? Granted, I don’t know if there’s much that would be challenging besides the platform jumping…maybe a series of one-block-wide “mazes” suspended in the air?

Or maybe mazes, period. Those would be fun to race through with other players, I think. >_>

Still though, awesome work on the racing mode!

dynamically generated mazes… now there’s an idea!

i like checkerjump a lot, it’s challenging for me and thus fun.

this is a fun game mode!

Yeah, really fun. I’d suggest the ability to see everyone’s usernames, because it’s a hassle to determine the outcome of a race. And about Normandie: when you get to the top of the tower, maybe an extra parkour section across the rooftops? :3

It’s more fun when the maps are parkourish.

Normandy isn’t fun because I am just running.


Per-map list
Sorting ( if Google Docs will stop protesting )

Dany, what are difficulty points?

What are difficulty points? How do I get them? I have good times but not alot of points so I need to know so I can get to the top of the board.

how to play the last stage of aloha.pk race sever?
i was try to go to the last stage,but i can’t go anymore after doublejump.