FapRat hacker on babel binladen compund map

I don’t have any recording cause I don’t have the sw installed for it.
This player FapRat keeps on changing team to spectator to follow me and then comes back to the other team and shoots me on the head.
I think it’s weird cause it happened like 5 to 6 times and he isnt even near me when he shoots me . He just spawns from spec to the team and wherever i am on the map, boom , a headshot.

Even Muffin was on the server (name was some ssdzss ) and he felt the same, but he went away and said he’ll brb, but he didnt come back. I clearly have a feeling this guy FapRat is suspicious and sorry I dont have any proof, but you can all do is see my /admin complaints and see what i complained.

to clarify, I never said I felt the same; I responded to the complaint via /admin with a level head as anyone would do, and I kept an eye on him for half an hour. he just sat there in spectator, and I had things I needed to do, so I left. I didn’t see for myself anything that indicated he does or doesn’t do what he’s being accused of, so I still have no real opinions either way.