False Votekicking

IGN- Eminem
Server- Aloha.pk Intel RPG
Time- 3:09 atlantic standard tine (Canada)

He was also rapid hacking. Said “i not hacking anymore, i disabled it”

So i was just there playing, kicking their but. Plus i was outnumbered 2-1. At sometimes they kill me me. but its when i start using rifle (which i usually suck with) he calls hacks on me and votekicks me.
*Note- There was only 4 people on.
So one voted and i got kicked.

Falsely claiming hacks on someone, hacking themselves. That= drum roll … a 9 year old rager.

I banned him for hacking on Aloha hallway.

oh ok thank you.
Oh and Merry Christmas

Merry christmas to you as well.