Fake all the time: Case Close

Got this weird message from my lil’ brother who seems to be a ‘Fake’ Anonymous member,he posted it on Facebook,I don’t know what it is but I am on a guarding mission to find out “Clan Operations”(Please do not mistake,I do the mission for my other clan in Red Crucible 2).Unfortunately he is still playing Ace of Spades,so ban him or my IP because I don’t play aloha.pk anymore :smiley:

Yeah and I almost forgot,I saw Dark,Yokai,and that Icarus,whatever it is messing up here in this website.
You may look at the picture.I can’t believe I am the one who solved this case after he did something stupid to our IPs, that in cludes changing our IPs and downloading Backtrack 5.

He seemed to be doing some trashtalk to PXYC,DUHsoAlex,and that AEM guy(I didn’t even know the AEM guy).But I know a lot from him.He knows Izzy,Satou,FaZe and everything in ace of spades.\

I hope you can feedback here in my post.If I posted it in the wrong page,please just remind me…


I just posted this because he is kinda freakin’ me out and it is for his own good…

Oh look, this guy again on a new account.

Delete the topic, we don’t freaking care about your fail hacking skills.

lul i dont ever remember mke bribnging pxyc into snything, also.i clearly remember that i was TRYING to get ‘icarus’ to get ‘yokai’ back into aos to ‘hack’ aloha cause i knew that you weer the same person.

Lol, I’m bringing out my second keyboard and monitor out…

Same here.
Gotta clear those visual novels before school starts.

“… hacking is LEGAL in the Philippines”

Oh please. The Philippines needed to make a new law after the “I love you” virus attack. The people who made the virus weren’t arrested since there WERE no laws regarding cybercrime. (I have lived in the Philippines for 15 years, I’d know :P)

Dumb script kiddy. hurr durr ima hacker!11! You make us look stupid.

YeaH i know, thats why my CPA lives there!