Alright, you probably heard about those people, right? Those Korean guys, that use proxy and use fly, ESP, aimbot and other hacks.

I want to address this problem really seriously.
The guy, who I encountered on CS Maps is a Korean fellow, who took FaLLeN’s name and abused him. He proceeded to climb roofs, use aimbots and spam “faceless (weird face)” in the chat.
He also spammed this link:
(It’s virus-free, I went there)

I really want to know, how can we stop those fellows?

You won’t get banned if they use your name.

Alright, that’s a relief at least.
But still, how should we stop them?

Perhaps specific names of ours should only be allowed to use in specific IP location and not elsewhere.

Admins are professional observers. They know who is real and what IP they have.

Maybe they should add a proxy-ban script?

No. Some people have proxy without them knowing.

They could unban them as well, so it’s not a big deal.