Eye of ender placement glitched

Eyes of ender will not place correctly on  end portals. The angle of placement location of placement and whatever the hell else doesn't make a damn difference. The portal will not start because eyes randomly place themselves facing at a wrong angle. ive wasted stacks of ender eyes trying to start portals. After you get so angry you feel it in your balls the portal will usually start but half the time its not even worth the try. Please fix this I burned through almost all of my blaze powder.

Is this a Mojang bug? Or is this something that we have caused? I’ll try to figure something out regardless. Feels like a silly bug if Mojang is responsible but they’re known for their bugs…

I have no idea what caused the bug. It wasn’t always this bad. It might have messed up a few times and then worked before but now i can’t get it to work at all.

Iirc we haven’t changed anything but upgrading to the latest versions. It probably a sipgot or 1.9.x bug

I’ll update the server asap and see if that fixes it. (it won’t be until a new release is available!)

Are there anything in the server logs regarding any warnings or errors? I wonder if the server spits back any errors when eye of enders are place down or something.

Yeah this is still a problem. It fucks up every time for no reason. I just used my last 12 ender eyes out of 5 stacks. I used up ALL of my blaze rods on this. i can’t even start the spawn portal.