extremely important announcement by izzy

has anyone found a way to turn off vsync/framerate cap on classic

Thats a question.

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I think BR_ has done this before

BR gave me a DLL a while ago which had a framerate uncap + a framerate booster, by changing the large, slow fonts to the quick, small font. I've added it as an attachment.

You can use [ ] to change the frame cap, and ; ' to change the font. It was tested on Win 8.1; hope it works for you.

PS: You shouldn't post with misleading titles, thanks.

aos_uncap_and_booster.dll (44.5 KB)

i agree

I remember being sent a modded client which removed the frame cap a while ago. It works pretty well for me.

Just remove the client.exe in C:\Ace of Spades and move the corresponding one into it.


i cant seem to change the framerate cap on this, what do you mean by pressing [ ], is it supposed to work in-game?

thanks a lot it works but it still seems to have vsync, any ideas how to turn that off
also it the cap periodically comes back, do u have that problem