Event Videos

Event: FSOM
Server: Soccer/Football
Date:January 4, 2014
Time: 9pm GMT

Video: Fraps + handbrake

I will probably be using a new capture card (AVerMedia C985 ) before the next event.

Event: FSOM
Server: Fortwar
Date:June 7 2014
Time: 6pm GMT



I like the idea. Great video!

I gotta stop talking so fast… I use push-to-talk, and I always wanna get my hand off the button so I can get back to the action as fast as possible.

Also, I like that I’m not the only one using widescreen. Like 95% of the pictures thread are all 4:3.

Yep, a great idea. This is from Spectator team, using Openspades:


Aww, I wanted to you hear go full John Madden spectating en espanol. That’ve been awesome.

Awesome video and event

I think it’s a good idea. And nice videos BTW.

Br has a afk body save caught on video in mine ;D

Yea, that was awesome.

What’s the time on that? Also http://youtubetime.com/ pl0x.

or you know
do the right-click-copy-video-url-at-current-time thing


stickying this bad boy

What BR blocking a shot with his Afk body lol. Izzy why do you miss out on the best parts of FSOM :frowning: .

[td]Tug of War[/td]
[td]February 1st 9PM GMT[/td]

(edit: some parts seem to be in bad quality. i’ll try uploading a new version later)


Good job.

My video will be up eventually. Just having some issues with it, as when the server shut off, it got corrupted a little. So I might just post the videos for Classicgen and Capital

Azmazing :smiley:

First Aloha build event.