FSOM is back! Join us for a game of Tug of War with shotguns that shoot grenades!


[td]Tug of War[/td][/tr]

Server Link: aos://180274501:54321

October 7th, 2017

10 PM UTC [glow=black,2,300]<-- Click Here[size=8pt]

[size=18pt]Grenade Launchers- Read Below!

Grenade Launcher


The nadelauncher script enables players to shoot grenades with their shotguns.

The regular shotgun bullets don’t do any damage and the shot grenades don’t destroy any blocks.

When equipped with a shotgun, you can choose between short range grenade shots by using /ns or wide range ones using /nw. You can also use /tn to shoot timebomb grenades that will last on the battlefield for a few seconds before they explode.

What is ToW?

Tug of War

[b]ToW basic overview

-Blue and Green spawn in with an equal amount of Control Points (CP) under their control.
-CPs are represented as intels on the map and serve as and look like resupply tents.
-Each team must capture all the CPs on the map in order to win.
-Only the frontline CP of a team can be captured.
-A team’s CP can be captured by the opposing team if the opposing team has more players in a CP’s capture radius.
-Capture progress of a CP is represented by a colored bar. When an attacking team’s color fills the entire bar, the CP will be controlled by that team.
-A CP capture can be stopped by the defending team if it has an equal amount of players in the capture radius and capture progress can be reversed if the defenders have more players in the capture radius.
-Capturing a CP advances the capturing team’s spawn forward while losing a CP pushes the losing team’s spawn back.
-CPs can be dug underground or elevated; this affects the CP’s capture radius.[/b]

Still have questions about the gamemode? Ask below!

Map Rotation


The maps have been chosen! Here is the map rotation that we will use for the event-

  1. urbantankfightfinal

  1. trenches

  1. binladencompoundv7

  1. omaha

  1. normandie

  1. classicgen

  1. battlefarm

  1. 4rivers

Additional maps will be randomized.

Vote for what maps you want to see played in the poll above!

Sign Up Here

Please join the aloha.pk Discord Channel before the event begins!







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[td]1[/td][td]Asian Guy [/td][td]MegaStar [/td][td][Noob]Ep-- [/td]
[td]2[/td][td]Torch [/td][td]Kuunikal [/td][td]Atreyu [/td]
[td]3[/td][td]Doctor Dank [/td][td]shywolf91 [/td][td]QuickBrownFox [/td]
[td]4[/td][td]StrikerJanners [/td][td]Zim350 [/td][td]Newage [/td]
[td]5[/td][td]SpyKaps [/td][td]FerrariFlunker [/td][td]RobertoMex [/td]
[td]6[/td][td]notafile [/td][td]israelleelll [/td][td]Ben [/td]
[td]7[/td][td]MuffinTastic [/td][td]Zeitgeist [/td][td] [/td]
[td]8[/td][td]Tobi9sc [/td][td]Insanity-Wolf [/td][td] [/td]
[td]9[/td][td]MrFritz [/td][td][BTK]LastKiller [/td][td] [/td]
[td]10[/td][td]MoDeR [/td][td]onigiri [/td][td] [/td]
[td]11[/td][td]Nightm4r3^[20]^ [/td][td]MrBadAim [/td][td] [/td]
[td]12[/td][td] [/td][td]Pink Floyd [/td][td] [/td]
[td]13[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][td] [/td]
[td]14[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][td] [/td]
[td]15[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][td] [/td]
[td]16[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[td]17[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][td] [/td]


Sign up by replying below with your IGN!




im down for it. sign me up as blue, please!

I’ll be there or I’ll be square. 8)

Yay, you picked the game mode I suggested! As of now, can you put me in as a maybe (idk what I may have going on, so ya)? My username is Zeitgeist. Thank you for hosting! :slight_smile:

please put me in the green team, IGN: MegaStar

Sign me up as green, please! 8)

Good day, FerrariFlunker.

Please reserve a slot in the blue faction of this event for the player known as “Doctor Dank”.

Sincerest regards,
Doctor Dank.

I would love to, but may not be available. Please put me as “maybe”!

be there or be square because if you are not there you are not aROUND

Should be able to play so sign me up for green

hello FerrariFlunker, how are you?
I want to participate, but I’m not sure if I can be available. In any case, please put me on the green team.

My name is: Zim350

Blue Team
StrikerIsInAOS or StrikerJanners

Holis o/ , you can sign me up in whichever team you want thanks!

I’m not sure if I’ll make it, but you never know.

Everyone has been added!

green team master race. Ill be there.

Sign me up!

It seems as if I can make this event! With that being said, I wish to join the Green team for this event. I will keep you updated if there is any reason on why I may not be able to make it, but as of now I am glad to say that this should not be an issue!

IGN: Zeitgeist

Sounds super fun. Please put me down as “maybe”.

I hope I’ll be able to participate. Maybe please!