[Event] July FSOM- Pinpoint Tournament!

[shadow=blue,left]Survey the battlefield! War is drawing near…[/shadow]

How does this tourney work?

As seen in the bracket below, there will be 7 rounds. Each round will last a week. Round 1 begins on Monday, July 6th.

Team leaders will need to contact the team they are designated to play next, and decide on a time and date for the match. Once you have a time and date setup, both teams need to submit it to this form

You can view official standings here.

Teams will win based on how many times they can capture the intel in 20 minutes.

There is a point system that will rank the teams. Win = 3 Points Tie = 1 Point Loss = 0 Points


We will be playing 1 ctf on pinpoint.

About 10 minutes before your match starts, team leaders will receive a link for the server they will be playing on. Please distribute the link to your teams.

All weapons are allowed. No hacking/cheating.

During the match, an admin will always be present to spectate everyone.

To prevent ghosting/cheating/etc only aloha staff will be permitted to spectate matches.

Teams can skype, mumble, or use any communication method.

Team Edfeanshysi


Team Leader: Eddy
Members: Ferrari, Anonymous, Silnius, shywolf91

Team Obkuon


Team Leader: Obed-X_x
Members: Kushell, Onigiri, DIEHARD, Drake Smith

Team Sikuga


Team Leader: |SLF|S1lver
Members: [SLF]KuKoRiKa, [SLF]Gaby

Team Fleshacesaha


Team Leader: Flerikko
Members: Shawn, Ace da King, sanic, Hamtarost

Team Elevgoaidku


Team Leader: ElJavivu
Members: Evergreen, GoDucks, aidybee, Kubz

Team Mrdweimel


Team Leader: MrFritz
Members: Dwin, Eimis, Meskhu, Elrohir

Team Frearapimca


Team Leader: francis
Members: EagleEye, Rapha, ImChris, Cami

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Gotta be in blue, since me is bad at being cap’n. :-\

Good luck everyone! Hopefully will be a challenging tourney!

lol this sounds interesting tho , im already busy getting a team together :smiley: hehe g luck mates :slight_smile:

Lol im kinda embarassed i dun have a team yet, cuz only 1 of my clanm8 is gonna join, so if someone wanna invite me, u invite the 2 of us, Hamtarost and me Flerikko

I want to join team three, Flerikko’s team. Anyway I’m looking forward to this event.

Me is in Flerikko’s team.

Oh ok… that was easy… thx guys, so we need 1 more, maybe 1 of my pro clanmate will join if turnament occurs on weekend… weekdays is a no no

I will join DIEHARD’s team .
I’m nervous… :-[

dont worry onigiri , im sure 私たちはお尻をキックします !:smiley:

dont worry onigiri , im sure 私たちはお尻をキックします !:D
OH....  Thanks ... Well,Can I use smg? 


If anyone needs an extra guy for their team, I’m looking to join. I have been playing since sometime before the .50 beta, so I know my way around this game.

lol who are team captians ? message Obed for match I wanna get playing !!:smiley:

Your drawing skills are amazing, mate.

its a miss mate :smiley:


Thanks :smiley:

Well, when is Tournament?

It starts in July. Team captain will try to communicate with the other team captains on figuring out what times you guys can play and what time zones. I’ll have a random generator picking random teams to vs each other.

Where’s my team at.

Just kidding, nice little thing you have going on there though, might watch.

I’m on Tank’s team. Ima just build a single block tower straight up, have a beer, and watch yall nubs lose.