[Event] Babel Map Making Competition

[shadow=red,left]Babel Map Making Competition![/shadow]

One of this year’s most consistently populated aloha servers is tower of babel!
Despite babel’s rotation being large, we want to add new and better maps! And what better way than allowing everyone in the community a chance to design their own babel maps!
Why hold a competition? To promote creativity within the community, novelty within the most popular server, and to increase the popularity of the maps on rotation!

[details=How To Make A Map]http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=8294.new#new {courtesy of Danke}
http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=8570.new#new {courtesy of Lostmotel}
http://www.buildandshoot.com/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=4922 {courtesy of Influx}[/details]
Each person is allowed a maximum of 3 entries.
Each entry must include a minimum of 4 screen shots.

[details=4 Mandatory Pictures]
1 of overview
2 of spawn areas, 1 per team
1 of area underneath the platform
Note: Including more pictures is encouraged! The more of your map people see, the more they may like it, and the higher the chances of your map winning![/details]
When you finish making a map, post the name of your map with pictures of it below!
If you enter more than one submission, post them separately!
The deadline for submissions is 11:59 PM Sunday, October 2, 2016.

Voting begins Monday, October 3, 2016, and ends Monday, October 10, 2016.
All entries will be listed in a poll and the community will vote for their favorites. After a week, the two maps with the most votes will be announced as the winner and runner-up. They will be tested on our babel server while full with 32 random players and likely added to its rotation if deemed enjoyable by the majority.

1st place: Mario by Japanese Vippers
Runner Up: Ruins by Onigirl

Best of luck to everyone, and have fun!

Entry 1:

Red spawn:

Blue spawn:

under platform:

Such a pristine and stellar map. I love it, 10/10 let’s add it.

This is better than most maps in the pool right now.

Hello, here is my first submission. This was a map I had designed over a year ago when I still was a little optimistic bunny. Please ignore the fact that it doesn't have a babel.

EDIT: Oops, silly me didn't read the rules before submitting and didn't know you had to have screenshots. Please ignore this submission as I'm too lazy to load the map and take screenshots.

failisland.vxl (2.15 MB)

That would be fun ! :smiley:
I want to make a MAP!
But I can’t understand English well.
I’m worried. :-*

“will be tested with full/with 32 players and if deemed enjoyable by the majority added to rotation

I have issue with this. The majority don’t speak English, and a minority of 3 English players could lead to a false “let’s not add it to rotation” on a decent map.

Please PM izzy if you have any qualms or suggestions.

there’s a lot more to consider than only chat. we’ll still use the same discretion that we normally do when adding maps to rotation. multiple tests at random times, observing how the actual gameplay pans out.

Is this the same discretion that led to the current map pool being trash?

No, it’s the discretion that led to our babel server being the most popular server in the entire game.

And is that the same discretion that led to Trump and Hillary being the most popular candidates for president in the entire U.S.?


pls don’t kill ;-; i still want unban pl0x

Let’s try and focus on the contest for now, okay?

Due to an underwhelming amount of pressure from a large crowd of only three people (me, myself, and I). I decided to actually make a proper version of the island map that I poorly rendered and posted earlier for the lol.

The map is called Towerfall in homage to my personal favorite Babel map at the moment (Towerdive).

Highlights of the map:

  1. Symmetrical (no whiny babies about it being unfair)
  2. Unrealistic water and island structure
  3. Small "cqb" type of map that leads to lots of action all the time and limited walk times
  4. A complete tunnel system can be made along the bottom of the entire map up to 3-high without breaching the surface due to the map height being 5 blocks high at its highest excluding the water level.
  5. A straight tunnel to each side can be dug out to each team's most likely tower building spot
  6. Useless highlight
  7. Very large buildheight for longer games (if the matches are too long I can put a small hill on each side right before the center bridge to make games shorter)
  8. Another useless highlight
  9. Opposing sides of main part of the islands are close enough to shoot, but farther apart than on Towerdive, so spawnkilling is a little harder
  10. 3 routes

Server hoster can decide if they want water damage or not. I don't think it matters if it's on or not for this map, since flanking shouldn't be that bad when you can dig underground.

Towerfall.vxl (2 MB)

Don't want to edit, but I just made an alternate color version as well that looks better imo. I was going to do this in the first upload, but forgot to. Ideally fog color would be something stupid and surreal like red or pink, but I'll leave that up to Aloha to decide.

Towerfall_green.vxl (2 MB)

I found this map in one of my old archived AoS backup folders and honestly not sure if I made it or not. I did a quick search for what the original filename was and couldn't find it on BNS, but if this was your map my apologies. I think I was following a mapmaking tutorial or something when I made it, so it could be very similar to a tutorial and/or other maps.

Anywho, I slapped my name on it, rotated it so it would be symmetrical and fair to both teams, and made an extra color variation to use a loophole in the screenshots rule because I'm tired of taking screenshots.

The map is called HilledHill because it's a hill on a hill.


  1. Symmetrical again
  2. One side has a high hill which should make building a tower there pretty easy… it might even be at tower height, but I don't know since I don't feel like checking.
  3. Bright orange, red, yellow, black, and white flame lava color scheme

HilledHill.vxl (2.01 MB)

LavaHilledHill.vxl (2.01 MB)

Since y'all are slacking I made one more.

This one is called Planet C. The C stood for something in the beginning, but I forgot what that was about halfway through making the map.


  1. Fast paced map with more emphasis on building a bridge and reinforcing vs. towering.
  2. Possible to grief from shooting at the bridge with an SMG from the sides while you're burrowed in the mountain
  3. Awesome toxic air and radioactive lake-front properties
  4. Completely unrealistic craters
  5. Fun fact is that the texture was created from a real image of Mars! If you can figure out which crater system is used in the map then your guess is as good as mine because I have no clue!
  6. Symmetrical yet once more

PlanetCGradual.vxl (2.04 MB)

The purpose is to create new maps to get new contents, right ? So i’d say don’t dig on your old folders to find old maps; try to make some new one !
Good luck everyone ! 8)

Thanks for your opinion, it has been thoroughly considered by our eager staff. Here at T.M.I. (Torch Mapping Industries) we try extremely hard to please every single person that has ever existed and could ever exist and we will conform how we do our business to suit your individual needs. Just to please you, we’ll make sure to make another map to replace the unpublished map that I had found, modified, and then released for the competition.

Consider the HilledHill submission retracted if I make and post yet one more map. The Towerfall map was only loosely designed over a year ago (for anyone that doesn’t know design =/= made) and was actually made yesterday, so that one still stands as a submission.