EthosLab Playing AoS

So apparently the decently famous Youtuber/Minecrafter Etho is playing Ace of Spades now.
Here’s his introductory video:

It just so happens he plays on aloha servers, so it’s quite possible that we’re soon going to have many new players on…


ah lol, this explains why there were so many players named ‘Etho’ playing lately.

Etho was probably the last person i would expect to play AoS. i always thought SeaNanners was going to bring more players to the game like he did with Minecraft.

Oh great more players. Now it’ll take twice as long to get on aloha servers.

I also noticed how the player count has increased by about a thousand after docm77 and Etho made their videos. It won’t be long until we hit mainstream. I’m giving it 2 months xD

I will bet ya a copy of AoS 1.0 that it will be 1 month (if I am wrong I won’t get you AoS 1.0 XD)

1 month? :o

Over two months ago, bcoolface tweeted that 0.76 was done. I’m giving it a year for 1.0 :smiley:

All they have to do is:
Get MG working (done)
Get RPG working (done)
Get openGL working (done)
Fix everything else (not even close to done)

Yeah, Etho is basically my favorite youtuber ever. For Minecraft video’s at least.

Excited to see soo many new people, it should be fun!