Enderdragon fight?

[s]I was thinking we should fight the enderdragon this weekend, or next weekend. Specific times, anyone?

EDIT next weekend, please attend the fight! Saturday at 7PM central standard?
See my reply.

On a server there is a dragon for each person, if you didn’t know.

Oh there is? I thought it was one for all…
So, if I kill an enderdragon, but PXYC doesn’t…Do I see his enderdragon or will there just be 10 enderdragons when we’re all in the end?


I’m not killing mine. I’m going to trap it inside a glass box where I will be able to laugh at it and throw theoretical rocks at its face.

There is one for everyone, as soon as one dies another instantly spawns, everyone can see them.
There is a dragon for everyone who has ever joined the server as far as I know.

I’m smelling infinite Enderdragons, guys.

Wow, I did not know that. I’ll research it and confirm.

From the looks of this video, it’s not true. There is only one dragon.


yes only 1 end dragon per server unless you spawn one in or has a plugin for it to keep respawning

i thought Jyrome was inferring that there was a plugin that would do that. derp.

Sorry if I was mistaken, I am basing my info off what I read and saw about them when they were implemented.

Anyone interested in another fight?

yes, hopefully I’ll be able to attend

What SnIpEr said.

Let’s start organizing it then, what date? The end of the month?

April 30th on my birthday. But since that’s a weekday, make it the 28th.

Can I get a “HELL YEA!” on April B-days!