Client: All

Mod type: 2D Scope


to use the mod just rename the file and put it into the gfx/png folder of ur client.

basically, Enari’s original scope is the first and only custom 2d scope i ever used and i kept modifying it to accustom for different scenarios i faced up to now.
I call it Barcode since the white and black pattern reminds me of one. That pattern has the advantage of being easily visible at all times. The black helping lines you have in most scopes r most of the time enough since you most often face your opponents in the light skyblue fog. But what if the fog happens to be dark, maybe even completely black? or what if you were to look at a wall built with dark colored blocks or enter a dark room? in these conditions i found it useful to have white patterns aswell. you also have good contrast over most colors. for example, (255, 0, 255) purple looks darker than (0. 255, 255) yellow despite having very similar values. so the white contrasts purple while the black contrasts yellow.
and instead of a red dot i put a red cross in the center. i found that a single pixel dot is very hard to see. but if i were to make the dot bigger i would loose precision imo. so a cross with 1 pixel wide lines is a good solution for me.
also for me the diagonal helping lines additionally helped in flicking where u dont pay a lot attention to ur scope and heavily rely on reflex.
the Vignette was put on by Mile which is very kind of him uw~ <3. It helps focusing on what is in the center and just looks nice.


EnariBarcodeRedcross.png (76.6 KB)

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Credit(s): @VierEck, @Mile, Enari