Enable text channels in Discord voice channels

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basically, this new feature adds separate text channels for each voice channel. this is already defaulted on for servers with less than 200 members. Discord plans to enable this for Community Servers (which we are) on 2022-06-29T10:00:00Z, so seems it will become the standard. however, we could disable it with role permissions.

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Using the embedded text chat of voice channels, users can send message content, comment on something being said without interrupting the speaker, and share links, memes, and more, all in the dedicated text chat within the voice channel. This feature also means users don’t have to switch to a different text channel while in a voice channel, missing the stream you’re actively watching or potentially distracting you from the live conversation happening in the voice channel.



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will it be archived?

should it be? it could be “archived” in the sense that the read history permission could be allowed


Every voice channel has an associated text chat that users can utilize if their role or the channel has the appropriate permissions. Across all clients, you can access the text chat in a voice channel via a message bubble icon by hovering over the voice channel name in the server channel list or in the top-right hand corner of the voice UI (and a swipe-left gesture for mobile!).

Text-chat-in-voice-message-bubble-icon-upper-right-corner-desktop-browser.png Text-chat-in-voice-message-bubble-icon-next-to-channel-name-desktop-browser.png

Desktop/Browser access point

Android/iOS access point- You can also swipe left!

Desktop and Browser clients

On the desktop and browser clients, the text chat will open up as a right-hand sidebar similar to the experience you presently get when opening up a Thread.

  • You can find a voice channel’s text chat by pressing on the message bubble in the upper right corner after joining a voice channel.
  • You can also browse the text chat messages without connecting to the voice channel. For example, when you want to grab a link to the funny video someone may have shared, you can press on the message bubble icon next to the voice channel name within the channel list. You can also right-click on the voice channel name and select “Open Chat” from the drop-down menu.


Mobile clients

You can find the text chat in a voice channel on your iOS or Android device by going through the steps below:

  1. Go to the server with the voice channel you want to join and press on the voice channel’s name.
  2. In the following screen that appears, you will see the buttons “Join Voice” and “Join Muted” plus a message bubble icon in the upper right-hand corner of the voice UI.
  3. Pressing on the message bubble icon will reveal the text chat without joining the voice call. You can also join voice and see the text chat simultaneously.

For an additional way to access chat, simply swipe left on your phone while in the voice channel to bring the text chat into view.



If you are in a voice channel but the text chat within that voice channel is closed, you can see message previews in the upper right-hand corner of the voice channel. Message previews will show new messages as they are sent and will disappear after some time or if other messages appear (three at most and truncated after a certain number of characters).

Message previews keep you in the loop of the active message conversation happening in the voice channel without needing to open the chat itself. However, if you want to turn these previews off for whatever reason simply click the three dots icon above and uncheck ‘Show New Message Previews.’

As for other indicators of new messages while in the voice channel - unread mentions will have a red number indicator, while unread messages will simply be indicated with a grey number indicator. Mentions within a text chat will also appear in your inbox, which can be accessed in the upper right corner of the client.

_mention-notif-text-in-voice.png unread-message-notif-text-in-voice.png

Left: mention notification, Right: unread notification


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