Economy Suggestions

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Possibly will happen, I’ll have to think about it.

I’d say mob drops, but farms…how about gold?

Gold is one of the easiest mob drops to farm.

As for common resources:

The reason I added in a cost to the teleport is, well, the server is vanilla. But, since it’s a server and some people prefer to live far away. Sorta play singleplayer in a multiplayer setting. I’m like that. Reki was too, and others (Punch was before) However, living far away made it hard for those players to play with others - defeating SMP’s point of existence.

So, adding in teleport/warp makes it so we can have best of both worlds - but, teleports aren’t really vanilla…at all, so I added in a cost to somewhat balance it out.

The idea too, is that it’ll create incentive to use horses/minecarts/nether, more to connect with other players and overall live closer. This helps public projects like the canal. I wanna make a rail line in spawn area, too, same principle. Before it was, why even have a horse to travel to spawn if I have /spawn? Now it’s, I’ll use my horse to save me tons of diamonds.

So, do I wanna make it easy to get money? No. The whole point is that it’s expensive - at least, somewhat.

In the future I will be working on expanding the economy. Will I add in more items to sell to the server? Probably. Will there be a lot? No, probably not.

However, there will be other ways to attain currency. Player trading being the main one. Soon I’ll add in an ability to give players money from their own bank - IE /pay. Diamonds are at a price of 500$. Teleports are 100$. From there people can place their own value to items.

I’ll take 250$ for a gold block, for example. You then can sell gold for money. But, to other players. Thus, all items will have value.

It’s not much different, but it is more flexible. I’ll pay 250$ per X, instead of .5 diamonds for x. See what I mean?

So, is it a big change? No. But you will be able to do some neat things with it, with player owned shops.