Earphones > Speakers

Just a cool hint for you guys.
I have a decently high-end IEM and wearing them allows me to pinpoint the exact locations of footsteps, reloads, and bullets.
It’s an amazing difference from using stock speakers, or even good speakers, since you don’t have that 360 surround sound effect which is crucial if you want to hear enemies sneaking up on you from behind.

Then again I can instantly leave me computer without having to unplug anything with speakers.

i always play with some music on so i never hear anything from the game xD

I might try this with some head-phones, not sure if I want to have something stuck in my ear the whole time but we’ll see. Thanks Reki! :slight_smile:

Itunes at 30% pushed out of some Sony studio monitors is the way I play. Nothing gets me more pumped up than some hallway action with this playing: http://youtu.be/-5KqpU4ihWA

Is Beats Solo good? i use them…

I use a headset too.

Not a very high end one.

I thought this was rather obvious, but yeah, if you’re playing a game like AoS with speakers, you’re doing something wrong. I use earphones myself, and planning on getting a headset soon enough.

I used to play silent, actually…then I realized how much of a problem not hearing footsteps and grenades being thrown was.

I always play Pinpoint, so I rarely have to use that technique, but yes it’s useful! Also I play with music blaring via headphones, or am generally in a Skype call lol

I usually play AoS while wearing my lovely red Studio Beats. Damn I feel like such a nerd…

So you will talk on Mumble? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You feel like a nerd? No offense, but Beats by Dr. Dre suck. They’re overrated and overpriced for such horrible headphones.

The red headphone that my beloved Reki wears is the fictitious Sennheiser PMX-990.

ATM I’m using Sennheiser IEMs. Eventually I want to get the AKG K-701 headphones…

I had a pair of Senns not too long ago and I loved em. Cant stand those Beats by Dre business. There are better options for the price you pay for them.