E3 2013

How about that E3?

Games that interest me: Ryse: Son of Rome
New SW Battlefront announcement
Saints Row IV
Dragon Age Inquisition
Battlefield 4

So Far.

Kingdom hearts 3 :D!!!

Battlefield 4 and wasn’t the Halo 5 introduced as well?

I don’t know. I’m confused about that as well. Spike did the televised event this year and only did the conferences, they didn’t do much with individual games.

Still liked it on G4 so much more, they did 3 days of it televised.

Gotta save up some dollas for those next gen consoles though. Xbox One is 500$, anyone know how much the Ps4 is. I missed the Sony conference.

I think it’s 399, could be wrong though. Also, get the PS4, not the Xbox One because the DRM that Microsoft put out with the Xbox One is absolutely horrible.

I’ll definitely go for the Ps4 because personally I think Sony has been underrated for to long now. Sony has better single player games than Microsoft.

Microsoft focuses to much on media and not enough on what got them this far, games.

Oh my Damn. I just went and read their drm policies. I must have missed it beforehand. Microsoft has gone of its rocker, there isn’t a chance in hell i’ll buy a ONE with them doing that, I wouldn’t even be able to play it.

Final Fantasy 15 yesyesyesyesyesyes

I liked the earlier final fantasies.

I’m all about the battlefront announcement. Love me some battlefront.

So how about that Battlefront?

I’m considering buying the PS4 JUST for KH3.
Though I’ll probably go for a Japanese one for access to other JRPGs and avoid certain NTSC region-locking backwards-compatibility crap.

;D Yup, Xbox one is out of the question. I’m definitely going for the Ps4. Partly because I like the Kingdom Hearts Series and Partly because of possible future GoW titles.

I also like the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors Series. They are some of my oldest played games way back in the day and I still love them.

PS4? Xbox One? PC.

NU! I have a good pc, the debate is between Ps4 and Xbox One.
Muffed up.

I just hope that they do not screw up Star wars battlefront 3.

IKR. I have loved playing the previous two. they had better do a badass job on this one.